Our Services

Our services

The ever increasingly complex connection of work processes in the area of healthcare has led to higher demands for smooth and seamless communication within and between units. This applies to data technology aspects as well as language.

The variety of available solutions on the market, as well as the short innovation cycle in information technology, has made this material much less transparent for the customer.

Combining data (adminstration and medicine), voice, video and security applications in the same networks is now possible, however it not always utilised correctly in order to save costs.
Hospitals without a uniform concept face seemingly unsolvable problems. GPC can help you.

We have made it our task to create uniform, future-oriented concepts together with our clients to find a tailor-made solution.
We find the best solution for your hospital which takes into account the different products, the market and strategies in the information/telecommunication area.

To bring this concept to life, we accompany the complete procurement process. Manufacturer neutral and objective.


You know what you want. You only want to establish how best to implement your ideas and someone who can address these little uncertainties. A helper, a consultant, a partner

At GPC, we are just such a partner. A partner who knows and understands hospitals. A partner who listens to their customers and understands where the demands are and what possibilities the hospital itself has. We see our remit in balancing these points. Supporting and consulting our customers during all project phases. We supply you with our technical and economic know-how.
We have gathered extensive experience from a multitude of projects within the fields of medical technology, information technology, telecommunications and security. We are very quick to see where the problems lie. Nobody has to reinvent the wheel! This does not, however, mean that we deal with the old guard. Our goal is: Always the optimal technology at the optimal price.

In addition, when you need consulting from A-Z – for example, as the topics of information technology and telecommunications are new for you – we – at GPC – are the right partner for you.

GPC concepts are currently being used with great success in a succession of hospitals. From large university hospitals to small district hospitals; we are totally at home.

Our consultations place occupational safety, functionality, access protection and return on investment in the foreground.

Business Continuity Management is not an advertising strategy, it is your cash!

Please don’t let yourself be led down the wrong path by “hobby IT specialists”. Also “sales-oriented consulting” by the suppliers can, very often, turn into an expensive boomerang.

Your company is entitled to a neutral and future-oriented consultation!

Procurement process

A qualified procurement process begins with the pre-cost planning for the budget and investment application. Once the means have been released, the selection and form of the bidding process has to be determined. We can deal with all processes involved from a free-hand award of contract via competitive bidding or restricted bidding to an EU-wide tender.

For EU processes, we possess our own account with the public procurement office (SIMAP) in Luxemburg and can, therefore, take over all duties and responsibilities for you which are involved in such a process. A qualified and neutral service description is essential in procurement. As a rule, this is based on a collectively created document of requirements. Furthermore, determining both the evaluation criteria and form of contract are of great importance. The use of branch-specific contracts is essential to the success of any project.

We manage all of this in the project process, up to the recommendation for the award of contract.

Project management

Project management is the key to the success of any project. Information technology and communication projects are no exception. With our experienced team, we form all the facettes of project management from kick-off to completion. Our extensive project experience (over 400 successful hospital projects since 1993) speaks for itself.

Our strength here lies in the communication between the different project members who quite often don’t speak the same language.


The management of IT-technology, telecommunications, security technology or medical technology binds significant potential of any company. Finding the right mix here between self-responsibility, technical know-how, contractual know-how and economic tenability is very difficult.

GPC can help you here. We take over the entire or partial management of your technologies. With our services we can support your hospital on the path to a cost-aware future. The advantages here are clear to see.

  • Technical know-how
  • Future-oriented
  • Manufacturer neutral
  • Contractual know-how
  • Market knowledge
  • Experience, experience, experience, experience, experience...
  • Consulting, planning, integration, accounting, change management, supplier commissioning, billing changes, controlling

We continuously check new possibilities and offers and inform you of any sensible changes.

Of course, the decision always remains with you; we are your partner to help you reach the right decision.

Speak to us. We would be delighted to provide you with a non-binding offer.

Personal evaluation

The evaluation of IT-technical departments and its personnel is always difficult. As a result of fast changing processes, the convergence of very different technologies and the individual set-up makes it difficult to establish comparative values. At GPC we have developed our own evaluation method for this task which allows us to very quickly identify the processes and bring transparency to the procedure. This allows us to very quickly conduct a qualified evaluation of the IT technical department.

The GPC evaluation method involves an assessment of the personnel available, identifies resources and deficits and thus becomes a steering and development tool for the management.

Specifications in accordance with ISO DIN EN 27001, ISO DIN EN 80001-1, ITIL and further regulations and guidelines (BSI) with regard to occupational saftey, information security and data security place high demands on technical departments. Through a strong orientation also in the banking sector – the effect of the regulations of the BAFIN (MaRisk) – we have extensive experience with the demands of the above-mentioned regulations and guidelines; that gives you security.

However, we don’t just identify “tasks”. With our experience and our market transparency we always have the right solution for you available.

The quality of a technical department shows itself in the interplay between tasks, personnel capacity and personnel quality. Our goal is to develop this optimally together with you.

Personal development

In the ever faster turning world that is information technology, personnel development is at the very fore. Without personnel qualification tasks cannot be realized.

With the GPC evaluation method we can quickly identify personnel resources or deficits. This gives you the possibility to develop the employees according to demand. Of course, we would gladly show you the development possibilities and help plan their implementation with you.

As a result of our market presence, we are also able to fill vacant positions from the external market. We have been working together with a highly-qualified personnel consultant in this field for many years.