Our ethical principles

Our ethical principles include loyalty, respect for our fellow people, transparency and refusal to accept corruption and unfair competition.


Loyalty means mutual trust. GPC pursues a multitude of common goals with our customer, suppliers and employees. This is only possible based on a foundation of mutual trust. Trust demands fair and loyal relationships between interested parties and this loyalty forms one of the cornerstones of our company and of our business activities.

Repect others

People form the heart of GPC. GPC actively offers everyone who has the same qualification level equal opportunities, independent of their race, origin, beliefs, views, gender, way of life or age. As respect is inseparable from our commitment to a higher quality of life, GPC places particular focus on the dignity of people. Living in society always means that every individual, regardless of their relationship to us, deserves our respect.


For GPC, transparency is more than just the right to access suitable information; transparency is a constant attitude to life. We ensure that every employee is clearly and understandably informed of their targets, rights and obligations, as well as of important new information and events in our group. We expect our employees to work with entirely transparent information. We allow our partners access to the same precise, understandable and transparent information. We supply our customers with qualitatively valuable services and always endeavour to offer added value. We provide our suppliers with clear and understandable contracts and expect them too to follow our ethical principles.

Refusal to accept corruption and unfair competition

In our business activities, we condemn all practices which are not based on trust, integrity and fairness. Corruption and unfair competition do not contribute towards building and maintaining a long-term and harmonious partnership. All our partners are aware of these principles and we call upon them to also distance themselves from such ploys.

Data protection

Protecting data from our customers, partners and employees is of the utmost priority to us. Secrecy regarding project data is also of the utmost importance to our employees. Within our team, you will find certified data protection officers who ensure the protection of data not only for GPC internally but also for some of our customers.