Your advantages


You have access to an extensive technical know-how without the tedious process of having to build it up yourself.

We know the strengths and weaknesses of all systems and components. As a branch-insider, we understand the model policy and can protect you from bad investments.

We only procure future-oriented technology tailored to your needs. No knick-knacks or excessive solutions.

You benefit from the know-how from a multitude of other projects.

Insider knowledge allows us to avoid discontinued technology.

As a neutral consultant, we can even create tailor-made solutions using divergent technologies/systems.


Our organizational consulting guarantees that you are correctly set-up. Currently the convergence of technologies demands a qualified set-up within your organization to avoid tasks being processed several times, effectively leading to money being “burnt”.

As IT systems are directly involved in the process organization we also offer recommendations for process optimization.

We look to find a careful balance between "technically viable" and "organizationally sensible". We design a sensible and acceptable solution.

Employees often favor technology which is “well-known” to them, without paying attention to technological developments. GPC approaches the project from a neutral position which results in you receiving future-oriented technology.

Comminication technology is your interface to customers and suppliers. Every improvement in this area contributes to your economic success.

Outsourcing to GPC does not weigh your organization down with additional “project work”. GPC offers you security regarding deadlines, costs and quality.


Optimising costs is, as always, our main task. We can only achieve this goal with a target-oriented approach using our extensive know-how and market knowledge.

Prior to any project commencing, we compile a detailed cost plan to avoid any “nasty surprises” later.

Our knowledge of market prices leads to conformity from the pre-calculation stage through to billing. Costs never increase as a result of ignorance. You profit from all the customary market benefits.

We create detailed plans regarding the finanzing/amortization of a project. Not only the purchase costs are taken into account here but also any follow-on costs (lifecycle costs).

We offer you our contractual know-how as part of our service. Participate in the project and, as a result, from our experience.

You can concentrate on your core business - we will lead your project to success!


Every branch has its own specific contract management. We understand the critical points and protect your interests when negotiating contracts. We highlight the adherence and economic efficiency of existing contract conditions.

We work out targeted cost-optimizing concepts regarding binding in service contracts.

We support you with our know-how when dealing with contract finanzing and offer you recommendations for reliable service providers we know of in this area.